Saturday, January 18, 2003

Who is bigger than you?

"Quotation admits inferiority"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is bad enough when I think about the people I have quoted in texts, but when I think about the people I've quoted in everyday conversations...the implications are staggering! I may well be the world's most inferior man! I mean I have quoted crackwhores, gutterdrunks, talkshow hosts and even politicians. The worst kinds of folk. I can see Emerson's forehead triplicating over such inferiority as mine, and yet I am not alone. Look around you. Take note of the inferiorities of people, talkshow hosts and pundits.
And note whom the great quote! Then whom THEY quote!

Now breeeeeath!

Imagine yourself to be a character in Tristram Shandy, Finnegans Wake or Pantagruel.

Your world is rich with synchronicities, blessings, healing and vibrancy. To others, you may appear disjointed, digressive, insouciant.
Everything you touch, with your eyes, voice, or hand is awakened into the light, as the flow that heals passed forward through the generations and distant energubators into and out of you in a continuum of Love Everlasting. Aum'n.

In the event of a breakout of war, there will be a rally in Marshall Park at 6pm. Heaven prevent the need for this meeting.Are we not ALL made in the image of God?

While millions of people around the world held peace rallies today, only a few hundred came out in Charlotte, and, to be quite frank, the race was a rather divisive event, leaving but dozens to actually brave the speeches, which were fine, although no Ciceros were present among those holding the megaphone. But you know how peaceniks can be. Blessed of God, and thus not all that moved by mere human distinctions.

People came out. It was a beautiful day. The vision moves forward.

Now back to the race!

I don't know what it was. Something sardonic, no doubt, although frosted with the sugar of surreality. Anyway, as I noticed that there were people running in the middle of the street, hurling themselves, nearly exhausted, over the finish-line...and seeing people scream "go" and "way to go" and "great job"...I had the absurd idea to scream "Speed up!! What's the matter with you???".

I, at least, got a good laugh out of it. And although my fellow paraders thought, or knew, that I was nuts...I would bet the runner sensed the irony in my voice, and laughed himself over the line. Way down, I might had.

Friday, January 17, 2003

SOME BLOGS OF NOTE:,11376,620727,00.html
What are some links Mr. Beckwith would have us become familiar?

Are these all?

Indeed not. More will be forthcoming.
But who is Freeman Beckwith?
Or more correctly, what is Freeman Beckwith?

Freeman Beckwith is what more and more people refer to these days as a blogger. But he himself admits that it may not be ever so, and, in fact, it is of relatively recent inheritance, so little so as to make the label feel rather like an unhaberdashered suit of clothing. Not exactly skin.

But he does love to write, and he is cross with the poor quality of coverage being doled out like so many Eminems. Deep down, however, he feels more like Baruch, Jeremiah's scribe, or Baruch the angel that gave Adam the Apple, who spoke to Heracles, Moses and Jesus, and comes back periodically to make sure there are still those whose receptors are appropriately attuned -- as it is they, and certainly not the whores who now gladly part the wallet for hush tickets and fame...and look only to each other for inspiration, information and a pat on the back.

Well, I shant be doing that. Wisdom is from whence I hope to gather my pearls, and thus to diseminate to you, my fair and only reader. And mixed with this stew, I hope to bid adieu to the vinegars and astringents, and focus the eye upon more beautiful vistas, sweeter to the taste, yet cradling golden nuggets from the Ancients.

Well...sometimes. Other times I may just bitch.

If I am lucky, they will generally contain a title, and be roughly the length of a standard column, so as not to bore too long.

Topics, I should think, will include Politics, Religion, Humor, Language, Culture, Southern Life, Music, and other entirely related subjects.

Where's that Publish Button?