Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The sinking of the Titanic, ch. 15: Boy's desperate fight for life (1912) by Jay Henry Mowbray An Interesting account of Mr. and Mrs. Beckwith and party as the Titanic sank.
Encyclopedia Titanica: First Class Passenger: Richard Leonard Beckwith
Picture History - Edward Griffin Beckwith (1818-1881)
Picture History - Peggy Beckwith and Dog
Picture History - The Beckwith Family
Picture History - Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith
Richmond County
The Wm. E. Beckwith House
Williams: Archbishop of Canterbury
Jonathan Firth Gallery
Great photograph of 911 WTC by Tamara Beckwith...who, like Bob Beckwith and Dave Beckwith happened to be there on that horrible day.
Tamara Beckwith in Ideal Husband
Featherstone Castle
Hassenbrook Hall, etc FS
Sir Mathew Fetherstonhaugh
Where's My Damn Castle? - Beckwith of Jamestown
More Bleak Hall genealogy
Bleak Hall (now Harbor View Colony)
Bleak Hall, Westmoreland County, Va. - gen
Summary description of James P. Beckwith Papers, Mss. Dept., UNC-Chapel Hill
Family Chronicle - The Agincourt Honor Roll
Judge John White Brockenbrough Founder of Washington and Lee Law School
Ancestors of Damon Milton Floyd - Person Page 167
A Social History of the Richard and Elizabeth Omohundro Family
I Dream of Genealogy - North Carolina Cemetery Records
Wake County, NC Archives
Ingleside Vineyards - Local Attractions