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(Home of the Sterling Beckwith House or Draper-Beckwith Mansion)

(Matthew>Matthew>Jonah>George>Barzillai>Barzilla>Frederick>Thomas Sterling Beckwith)
A number of churches were established by a single church starting a Sunday School in a new neighborhood. First (Old Stone), Second, and North Churches each did this more than once. In 1876 Second received an endowment for this purpose in the will of Thomas Sterling Beckwith. Between 1899 and 1918 the First Church in Ashtabula, with the financial help of Elder Samuel R. Harris, started three churches.

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Speakers Platform Speakers Bureau: Harry Beckwith, Speaker On: Business, Marketing, Sales
His first book, Selling the Invisible (Warner Books: 1997), recently was named one of the top ten business and management books of all time and spent an unprecedented 36 consecutive months on the Business Week bestseller list; total sales recently surpassed 600,000 copies in 15 translations. Over a dozen business schools and major universities require the book in their courses. The Invisible Touch (2000) was a New York Times and Business Week bestseller. His most recent book, What Clients Love (Warner Books, January 2003), has enjoyed the most acclaim, including unanimous five-star reviews from 21 reviewers to date, and currently ranks #9 on the Business Week bestseller list
David Beckham goes under the knife. Well, sort of...

Saturday, June 21, 2003 Thomas & Sarah Beatty of Montgomery County, Kentucky

Thomas is the oldest established ancestor that has been traced for this Beatty family. Thomas is identified by his will as the father of Nancy "Batty" (sic) who married Joseph See. His relationship to the See family is also identified through family recollection. There is a strong See family tradition that Joseph See Jr. was the son of Nancy Batty. These traditions are reflected in death certificates and early oral family history in at least two branches of the See family. The tradition of a Beatty ancestress was recalled well into the 19th century; however, beyond the name recognition no additional oral family history remains about the family today. The Beatty family is traced to Montgomery County, Kentucky where Thomas Beatty left a very lengthy and detailed will, as well as, documentation of two estate sales. This family has received little if none genealogical research.
Some researchers have identified Thomas Beatty as having married Sarah Turner, the daughter of William and Sarah (Ellzey) Turner of Fairfax and Loudoun counties, Virginia. The documentation of this connection is in the estate papers of Thomasin Ellsey of Fairfax County, Virginia [re: Will Books Q1-R1, 1830-36]. In the estate settlement the record states, "Jennings Beckwith and Henry Harrison are the joint owners of the 4/5th of the share of Sarah Beatty, daughter of Sarah Turner, having purchased out the interest of Thomas, Polly Beatty
Genealogy Data Page Extended 68 (Pedigree Pages)Beckwith, Miskell, Brockenbrough, Samford, etc...
More... Illustration #4
Frances Morton was the daughter of Joseph Morton (1715-1759) of Richmond County and James City County and Frances Colston Morton, daughter of William Colston of King George County (d. 1721) and Mary Meriwether Colston (d. 1752). Mrs. Hubard was kin and connected to the first families of Virginia: Gooch, Beale, Bathurst, Beckwith, Jennings, Belfield, Meriwether, Mountjoy, etc. (See genealogical chart.)
Mrs. Morton's father was a Burgess from James City County 1756-1758. He was the son of Captain John Morton of Richmond County and Mary Mountjoy Morton. Joseph Morton became a distributing agent for a group of Yorkshire horse breeders. Traveller, an imported stud and race horse, was owned by Morton from 1748-1757. "He was bred by Mr. Crofts at Raby in Yorkshire (who was the fortunate breeder and owner of some of the first horses in England) and was got by his famous horse, Partner, grandsire of King Herod. The dam of Traveller was by Bloody Buttocks (an Arabian) ... Traveller sired horses owned by Thomas Mann Randolph, Robert Skipwith, John Hartwell Cocke, Richard Lee, Littlebury Hardyman, Secretary Thomas Nelson, Lewis Burwell and James Southall."
Following his marriage to Frances Colston c. 1739 Morton continued to live in Richmond County or King George County. In 1742 he owned two lots, #25 and 26, at Leeds Town. Following the death of his mother-in-law, Mary Meriwether2
Ditto... Jennings Beckwith
Richmond Co. taxlist 1789
Includes Thomas Beale, Sir Jonathan Beckwith, etc...
land patents, 1839 BECKWITH Jennings 04/01/1839 17176MO2300__.162
BECKWITH Jennings 04/01/1839 18440MO2320__.392
Genealogy Data Page 291 (Family Pages) Spouse: Beckwith, Eloise Lloyd
Gender: Female
Father: Beckwith, Frank
Mother: McDonald, Anne Leachy
Genealogy Data Page 245 (Notes Pages)
Beckwith, Jennings (b. 1762, d. 14 NOV 1835)
Given Name: Jennings
Source: (Individual)
Abbreviation: Jennings Beckwith
Title: Histsorical Southern Families vol. 3 p 28,29
Author: Boddie

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Miskell, Augustine "Austin" (b. 1 SEP 1772)
Given Name: Augustine "Austin"

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Beckwith Genealogy, cached
Notes on these families:
Smith, Hopewell, Way, Crompton, Marvin, Wilson,..then there's Duesler,
VanNorstrand, Poyer, Cheesman.....

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Google Search: "Cobham Hall"
BBC News | AMERICAS | Peace talks town in the spotlight - Shepherdstown, WV
The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Beckerman to Bedel
BECKWITH: See also Steven Beckwith Ayres.
Beckwith, Abijah Member of New York state senate 5th District, 1835-38. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Cecile of Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. Republican. Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Ohio, 1944. Female. Still living as of 1944.
Beckwith, Charles of Buffalo, Erie County, N.Y. Delegate to New York state constitutional convention 30th District, 1894. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Charles Dyer (1838-1921) -- also known as Charles D. Beckwith -- of Paterson, Passaic County, N.J. Born near Coveville, Saratoga County, N.Y., October 22, 1838. Republican. Mayor of Paterson, N.J., 1887-88; U.S. Representative from New Jersey 5th District, 1889-91. Died March 27, 1921. Interment at Chatham Center Rural Cemetery, Chatham Center, N.Y. See also: congressional biography.
Beckwith, Clinton Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1896. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Corydon Justice of Illinois state supreme court, 1864. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Cyrus G. of New London, New London County, Conn. Member of Connecticut state senate 9th District, 1887-88. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Elmer F. Democrat. Secretary of state of Colorado, 1899-1901. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Ernest of Kanawha County, W.Va. Republican. Candidate for West Virginia state house of delegates from Kanawha County, 1934. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Frank of Jefferson County, W.Va. Member of West Virginia state house of delegates from Jefferson County, 1881, 1887; member of West Virginia state senate 15th District, 1915-17. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Frank R. Republican. Candidate for Republican nomination for President, 1964. Still living as of 1964.
Beckwith, Fred A. of Niantic, East Lyme, New London County, Conn. Republican. Member of Connecticut state house of representatives from East Lyme, 1907, 1927-29, 1939-40; member of Connecticut state senate, 1925. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Gladys of Lansing, Ingham County, Mich. Democrat. Member of Michigan Democratic State Central Committee, 1977. Female. Still living as of 1977.
Beckwith, Louise Taylor (b. 1882) -- also known as Louise Beckwith -- of Pasadena, Los Angeles County, Calif. Born in Bowling Green, Warren County, Ky., August 15, 1882. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from California, 1944. Female. Episcopalian. Burial location unknown.
Beckwith, Sandra Shank (b. 1943) Born in Norfolk, Va., February 4, 1943. Lawyer; municipal judge, 1977-79, 1982-87; common pleas court judge, 1987-89; Judge of U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, 1992-. Female. Still living as of 2000. See also: federal judicial profile.
Beckwith, Sutherland of Litchfield, Litchfield County, Conn. Democrat. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Connecticut, 1940. Burial location unknown.
Beckworth, Gary See Lindley Garrison Beckworth, Sr.
Beckworth, Lindley Garrison, Sr. (1913-1984) -- also known as Lindley Beckworth; Gary Beckworth -- of Gilmer, Upshur County, Tex.; Gladewater, Gregg County, Tex. Born in South Bouie, Kaufman County, Tex., June 30, 1913. Democrat. Member of Texas state house of representatives, 1937-38; U.S. Representative from Texas 3rd District, 1939-53, 1957-67; candidate for U.S. Senator from Texas, 1952; Judge of U.S. Customs Court, 1967-68; member of Texas state senate, 1971-72. Baptist. Member, Freemasons; Odd Fellows. Died in Tyler, Smith County, Tex., March 9, 1984. Interment at Rose Hill Cemetery, Tyler, Tex. See also: congressional biography.
Beckworth, Raymond Democrat. Candidate for U.S. Representative from Georgia 1st District, 1994. Still living as of 1994.
(RAOUL VI de BEAUMONT Viscount of Maine - Adeline BELL )
Vera Terrington
Mabel, lily and Zack Freeman

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Garden Ideas Magazine Article Harlow Carr Botanical Gardens
Beckwithshaw, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG3 1QB Tel: 01423-565 418.
One of the best places for gardeners in the north to learn about gardening, Harlow Carr has a collection of trees, giving brilliant autumn colour as well as fruit and vegetables of special interest, herbs, a rock garden and alpines.
Google Search: Caerphilly

Google Search: Bassano
(Tonnewonte; Hart) : Early Canadiana Online Tonnewonte, or, The adopted son of America: a tale containing scenes from real life
Hart, Julia Catherine Beckwith, 1796-1867.
149 pages.
(Watertown, N.Y. : J.Q. Adams, 1825.)
(St; Hart) : Early Canadiana OnlineSt. Ursula's Convent, or, The nun of Canada: containing scenes from real life.
Hart, Julia Catherine Beckwith, 1796-1867.
Ealaghol Isle of Skye - Lillian Beckwith's Books
A Celebration of Women Writers: 3000 BC - 1000
A Celebration of Women Writers
A Celebration of Women Writers: 1801 - 1900
A Celebration of Women Writers: 1701 - 1800
A Celebration of Women Writers: 1601 - 1700
Aemilia Lanyer (1569 - 1645)Daughter of Baptista Bassano, court musician of Elizabeth I (and later Charles I) of England, Aemilia frequented the fringes of the court of Elizabeth I and became the mistress of Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, forty-five years her senior. Pregnant at the age of twenty-three, she married her cousin by marriage, Alphonso Lanyer, also a Queen's musician in October 1592. Lanyer was granted a monopoly for the weighing of hay and straw in London, a monopoly that would provide Aemilia with a precarious income after his death in 1613.

Published in the same year as the King James Bible (1611), Lanyer's Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (Hail, God, King of the Jews, 1611) is a poem about the Passion of Christ. Dedicated to women and addressed to women, Lanyer makes no apology for publishing a serious work of poetry under her own name. Arguing for women's religious and social equality in the introductory dedicatory poems, Lanyer continues her feminist theme when she reinterprets the biblical creation story as well as the stories of Christ's life and death from a feminist point of view. Indeed, her entire Passion story is viewed from a feminist perspective.

Here is her introduction

. To the Virtuous Reader.
Often have I heard, that it is the property of some women, not only to emulate the virtues and perfections of the rest, but also by all their powers of ill speaking, to eclipse the brightness of their deserved fame: now contrary to this custom, which men I hope unjustly lay to their charge, I have written this small volume, or little book, for the general use of all virtuous Ladies and Gentlewomen of this kingdom; and in commendation of some particular persons of our own sex, such as for the most part, are so well known to myself, and others, that I dare undertake Fame dares not to call any better. And this have I done, to make known to the world, that all women deserve not to be blamed though some forgetting they are women themselves, and in danger to be condemned by the words of their own mouths, fall into so great an error, as to speak unadvisedly against the rest of their sex; which if it be true, I am persuaded they can show their own imperfection in nothing more: and therefore could wish (for their own ease, modesties, and credit) they would refer such points of folly, to be practiced by evil disposed men, who forgetting they were borne of women, nourished of women, and that if it were not by the means of women, they would be quite extinguished out of the world, and a final end of them all, do like Vipers deface the wombs wherein they were bred, only to give way and utterance to their want of discretion and goodness. Such as these, were they that dishonored Christ his Apostles and Prophets, putting them to shameful deaths. Therefore we are not to regard any imputations, that they undeservedly lay upon us, no otherwise than to make use of them to our own benefits, as spurs to virtue, making us fly all occasions that may color their unjust speeches to pass currant. Especially considering that they have tempted even the patience of God himself, who gave power to wise and virtuous women, to bring down their pride and arrogance. As was cruel Cesarus by the discreet counsel of noble Deborah, Judge and Prophetess of Israel: and resolution of Jael wife of Heber the Kenite: wicked Haman, by the divine prayers and prudent proceedings of beautiful Hester: blasphemous Holofernes, by the invincible courage, rare wisdom, and confident carriage of Judeth: & the unjust Judges, by the innocency of chaste Susanna: with infinite others, which for brevity sake I will omit. As also in respect it pleased our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without the assistance of man, being free from original and all other sins, from the time of his conception, till the hour of his death, to be begotten of a woman, borne of a woman, nourished of a woman, obedient to a woman; and that he healed woman, pardoned women, comforted women: yea, even when he was in his greatest agony and bloody sweat, going to be crucified, and also in the last hour of his death, took care to dispose of a woman: after his resurrection, appeared first to a woman, sent a woman to declare his most glorious resurrection to the rest of his Disciples. Many other examples I could allege of divers faithful and virtuous women, who have in all ages, not only been Confessors, but also endured most cruel martyrdom for their faith in Jesus Christ. All which is sufficient to enforce all good Christians and honorable minded men to speak reverently of our sex, and especially of all virtuous and good women. To the modest sensors of both which, I refer these my imperfect endeavors, knowing that according to their own excellent dispositions, they will rather, cherish, nourish, and increase the least spark of virtue where they find it, by their favorable and best interpretations, than quench it by wrong constructions. To whom I wish all increase of virtue, and desire their best opinions.
.. Goldberg-Magazine .. Goldberg is an international, early-music magazine specialising in the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque period, that is, all music composed up until 1750: over 1000 years of music!
Mujeres Barrocas The sudden appearance of Emilia Bassano (Madame Lanier) might seem strange in this series on women musicians, for Emilia was not a musician, and it is above all as a poet that she is present for us today. But when researching the musical life of Venice in the late 16th century by chance one discovers the Bassano family and the fascinating destiny (though still laden with mystery) of Emilia, how can one resist the desire of sharing this stroke of luck? In the wake of Emilia, the beautiful Moor, appear other characters who are more well known, including a certain Shakespeare....
Lanier Marriages in England * LANIER, Alphonse, son of Nicholas Lanier and Lucreece Bassano, married on 18 Oct 1592 in England to BASSANO, Emelia, feminist poet, daughter of Italian musician Baptisa Bassano and Margaret Johnson.

The Jeronimo Bassano and Nicholas Lanier Families
Current News about the Shakespeare Authorship Debate Hughes sided with A.L. Rowse in identifying the Dark Lady as Emilia Bassano Lanier, a lady of some distinction in the Court in the 1590s, of Mediterranean extraction (and hence "olive-skinned"), and intellectually an equal of Oxford/Shakespeare (she published a book of her original poetry under her own name in 1611, the first such book ever published by a woman in England, and a book that--like the Sonnets--had very few surviving copies).
Dedicated to Carol Middleton, Bassano and Lanier Genealogist

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Good night, Sweet Prince!

Marriages extracted from Lyme Town Records

Darius Peck & Elizabeth Beckwith m. 19 Apr 1757
Reynold Peck & Deborah Beckwith m. 8 Mar 1764

Descendants of deacon Paul Peck
52. ELIADA5 PECK (BENJAMIN4, PAUL3, PAUL2, DEACON PAUL1) was born July 16, 1770 in Litchfield, CT. He married SALLY BECKWITH October 28, 1798 in Litchfield, CT.
Children of Eliada PECK and Sally Beckwith are:
ii. BENJAMIN PECK, b. November 07, 1799, Litchfield, CT; m. ABIGAIL WHITTLESEY, June 04, 1806, Litchfield, CT.
iii. HENRY D. PECK, b. May 23, 1807, Litchfield, CT.
iv. SHELDON PECK, b. August 31, 1809, Litchfield, CT.
v. JAMES PECK, b. February 05, 1812, Litchfield, CT; d. 1813, Litchfield, CT; m. JULIA SHERMAN, May 07, 1826, Litchfield, CT.

Children of Samuel PECK (b1729) and wife Hannah BECKWITH, all b Lyme, CT:
1- Richard PECK b Aug 1753, mar 1st Sarah TENNANT in 1775 and mar. #2 Elizabeth CHAMBERLIN. Removed from Lyme, CT in 1783 and settled in Lexington, NY (Green Co.) He died in Durham, NY 24Oct1837
2- Samuel b ?, mar #1 Lucretia INGRAHM 18Oct1781, mar #2 Elizabeth CONKLIN - d Lyme, CT in fall of 1837
3- Eliff b abt 1757, mar William FELLOWS, d in Watertown, NY
4- Hannah b 27May1759, mar Silas ROBBINS 13Dec1782, d Lyme, CT 1Jan1840
5- Abner b 4May1761, mar Hannah TINKER 30Nov1786; He died in Shelburne, Mass. 4Jun1842. He was a soldier in the Rev War and one of the guards around the gallows at the execution of Major ANDRE.
6- Phebe b Sep1764, mar Solomon FELLOWS, died in Albion, NY
7- Jason b 5Jun1769, mar Rhoda WHITCOMB 27Nov1794, died in Reading, NY 2 Oct1845 He had settled in Reading in 1808. [Reading was part of Steuben co. before 1854, then part of Schuyler co. from 1855.)
8-Doras b 5Jan1772, mar Benjamin FARNSWORTH, d 23Oct1858 in Charlemont, Mass.

Children of Darius PECK (b 11Sep1733) & wife Elizabeth BECKWITH b Lyme, CT:
1-Martin PECK b 8Oct1759, mar #1 Lucy SENNET who d 19Aug1805; mar #2 Frances SOBURN she d 7Apr1853 and he died at Hector, NY 30Sept1808 where he had settled abt 1800
2- Elizabeth b 10Dec1781, mar Simeon HOLTON of Montague, Mass.
3-Darius b 2Feb1764, mar Lydia MACK 20Jul1786, d in Phelps, NY 31Jul1814. He removed from Lyme, CT to Conway, Mass. in 1789, & to Phelps, NY in 1804.
4-Simeon b 3Jan1766, said to have married ----- LAMPHERE and to have lived & died in Deerfield, Mass.
5- Andrew b 2Feb1768, said to have been mar & to have died in one of the western States
6-John Moore b 1Feb1770, mar Abigail PRATT abt 1797, d in Bethany, NY in Sep1831 where he had gone in 1830.
7-Huldah b 31Aug1772, mar Elisha RICE & had daus Phebe & Betsy
8-William b 18Jul1774, d in Lyme, CT abt 1794
9-Elisha b 16May1777 - died abt 1820 in Lyme, CT, unmarried.
10-Timothy PECK b 15Aug1779, mar #1 Catharine SMITH 18Sep1805 who d 30Apr1833; mar #2 Mehitable SMITH who d 19Mar1843; mar #3 Betsy BROCKWAY who d 6Nov1845. He was for 30 or 40 years a Deacon of the Church of Lyme, CT & d there 14Mar1851.

Louis IX: from fop to saint

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ADVENTURES IN PHILOSOPHY: History of Philosophy Timeline
Richmond County, VA - Early Vital Records; William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. 13, No. 2

Born, Anne, daughter of Thomas & Anne Beale, Aug. 10, 1672.
Born, Thomas, son of Thomas & Anne Beale, Jan. 29, 1675.
Born, Charles, son of Thomas & Anne Beale, Oct. 20, 1678.
Born, Anne, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Beale, Sept. 3, 1711.
Born, Winefred, daughter of Newman & Catherine Brockenbrough,
March 21, 1723-'24.
Born, Winefred, daughter of Newman & Catherine Brockenbrough,
March 4, 1726.
Betty Beckwith departed this life April 7, 1726.

William Brockenbrough departed this life, Jan. 25, 1733.
Born, Tarpley, son of Marmaduke & Eliza Beckwith, Oct. 2, 1718.
Born, Jonathan, son of Marmaduke & Eliza Beckwith, Nov. 14, 1720.
Born, Betty, dau. of Marmaduke & Eliza Beckwith, Aug. 15, 1723.
Born, Margaret, dau. of Marmaduke & Eliza Beckwith, July 29, 1725.
Born, Mary, dau. of Marmaduke & Eliza Beckwith, June 12, 1727.
Born, Richard, son of Thomas & Eliza Beale, Dec. 19, 1723.
Born, Reuben, son of Thomas & Eliza Beale, Dec. 19, 1725.
Born, William, son of Samuel & Anne Barber, Aug. 27, 1728.
Born, Eliza, son of James & Frances Booth, Aug. 31, 1728.
Born, Thomas, son of Thomas & Sarah Beale, May 17, 1729.
Born, Thomas, son of Thomas & Anne Barber, Feb. 28, 1729.
Born, Samuel, son of Samuel & Anne Barber, Jan. 16, 1730-'1.
Married, Thomas Beale & Sarah McCarty, April 27, 1728.

Marriages in Richmond County


Griffin, Steptoe, Ball, Beale, Armistead, Rust, Fauntleroy, Colston, Carter, Chicheley, Pierce, Lewis, Belfield, Beckwith, Digges, Miskell


The place above named is a well-known station on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, nearly
half-way between Williamsburg and Richmond. It first appears as the property of the Rev.
Charles Jeffery Smith, A.M. a Presbyterian minister from Long Island, N.Y., and his partner,
William Holt, who also held together
James Tarpley I Family gold rings to his friends Col. Willoughby Allerton; Capt. Daniel McCarty, and Mr. Daniel Dobbins and Capt. Thomas Beale and their wives

John and Jane Williams
Robin Hood
Tarpley, Barber, Beckwith
Desc of Paul Busey of Calvert Co, MD: Third GenerationBeckwith, Beale
The UnMuseum - The Beale Cryptograms

Google Search: "The Beale Treasure"

Bigger Head, Fred, Beckwith and Bealls (treasure?)

Bigger and Jennings

MARINERS COVE - Abaco Journal April 1998
Fayette County Park, West Virginia
The park lies on Laurel Creek approximately 2-1/2 miles above Beckwith, WV. From Rt. 19 at the Fayetteville intersection, travelers need to take Rt. 16 N toward Beckwith and Gauley Bridge. It is 4-1/2 miles form the intersection to a left turn off Rt. 16 N, onto a two lane road which is marked as Fayette County Park Road. It is then approximately 1-1/2 miles to the welcome sign for the Park road enterance.
Farm in Beckwith, WV

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Place Names in West Virginia Beckwith Fayette 1884
Beckwith Jefferson 1896
Beckwith Wood 1911
Place Names in West Virginia Beckwith Fayette 1884
Beckwith Jefferson 1896
Beckwith Wood 1911
Undergraduate Scholorship Recipients - Rogina D. Beckwith It has been a very busy and successful year for me as a Morris K. Udall scholar. As I reported in my Morris K. Udall scholarship application, I have a vision of serving my tribe and Indian country in general, in the area of tribal public policy as it directly relates to health and social issues.
Shetterly and Bragg Family Tree - pafg03 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File On 2 August 1727 at Richmond Co., Virginia, was recorded in the court records "Joseph Bragg is appointed surveyor of the highways for this ensuing year from Rappahannock Bridge to Colls Carter's Mill and from the upper bridge by John Metcalfe's Mill into Westmoreland County and from the main road by Leonard Dozier's to Duke Beckwith's Mill and from the said road by John ___ plantation to Pantill run and from Michael Windor's ___ field along the Howling road to Lisson's Landing and ordered that he forewith clear all the said roads according to law.

The Family History of Unknown

Catherine Miskell [2450.] married Jennings Beckwith in Richmond County 2 April (bond) 1787.

Maj. John Belfield [2450.] (1751-1792) married Mary Beckwith 5 December (bond) 1785. The bride was a daughter of Sir Jonathon Beckwith and Rebecca Barnes. They had one child. Sir Beckwith was very wealth, having owned fifty-three slaves in 1783.

The Family History of - Tarpley The name Tarpley appears in two other Richmond County families. We cannot connect either family with a Tarpley daughter.
Tarpley Beckwith was born 2 October 1718, a son of Sir Marmaduke Beckwith and his wife, Elizabeth Brockenbrough.
Tarpley Tune was born 24 February 1741/2, a son of William Tune (- 20 May 1755 ) and his wife, Joanna. Tarpley was underage when his father made his will in Richmond County in 1755 and died of smallpox at the home of his brother, Samuel Tune, by 20 July 1763.

ALSO: The characters of Tune, Tarpley, Beckwith, Glascock, Tayloe, Carter, Winifred, Barber, Griffin, Scott, Peachey, Daniel
James Tarpley I Family

I bequeath my Soul to God who Gave it a my body to be Buryed as my Executors hereafter mentioned Shall think fitt. ITEM - I give and bequeath to my two Sons Thomas and Charles Tarpley two hundred and Sixty acres of Land Lying on the head of Farnham Creek to them and their heirs for ever Equally to be divided.

NOTE: Who know all the goings on in Richmond County? Well, that would be the one who wrote it all down; documented it...i.e...Sir Marmaduke Beckwith.

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De Morgan Queen Eleanor Fair Rosamund Books: Love Is Stronger Than Death: The Mystical Union of Two Souls
Duh! The World is Less Than Nonplussed at American Shock and Awe
Shock and Awe...or Shuck and Jive?
Either way...we have squandered...
[picture Bush singing: "I'm a squanderer..."]
IHT: Poll shows U.S. isolation: In war's wake, hostility and mistrust The poll forcefully supported the finding of an earlier survey that a U.S. war with Iraq would fuel anti-American sentiment.

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[2:10 368.7] had hord from fard a piping. As? Of?
Dour douchy was a sieguldson. He cooed that loud nor he
was young. He cud bad caw nor he was gray Like wather parted
from the say.
Ostia, lift it! Lift at it, Ostia! From the say! Away from the say!

[2:10 368.20] For be all rules of sport 'tis right That youth bedower'd to
charm the night Whilst age is dumped to mind the day When
wather parted from the say.
The humming, it's coming. Insway onsway.
Fingool MacKishgmard Obesume Burgearse Benefice, He was

[2:10 368.31] they.
From Dancingtree till Suttonstone There's lads no lie would
filch a crown To mull their sack and brew their tay With wather
parted from the say.
Lelong Awaindhoo's a selverbourne enrouted to Rochelle

[2:10 369.26] mirification and the lutification of our paludination.
His bludgeon's bruk, his drum is tore. For spuds we'll keep the
hat he wore And roll in clover on his clay By wather parted
from the say.
Hray ! Free rogue Mountone till Dew Mild Well to corry awen

[2:10 370.10] Waves.
The gangstairs strain and anger's up As Hoisty rares the can
and cup To speed the bogre's barque away O'er wather parted
from the say.
Horkus chiefest ebblynuncies!

[3:14 489.23] as I am delightful to be able to state, with the joy of lifing in my
forty winkers, that a handsome sovereign was freely pledged

[1:1 4.23] or Helviticus committed deuteronomy (one yeastyday he sternely
struxk his tete in a tub for to watsch the future of his fates but ere
he swiftly stook it out again, by the might of moses, the very
water was eviparated and all the guenneses had met their exodus so
that ought to show you what a pentschanjeuchy chap he was!)

[1:2 47.22] The largest ever you seen.

Suffoclose! Shikespower! Seudodanto! Anonymoses!

Then we'll have a free trade Gaels' band and mass meeting

[1:6 167.36] fas! Adversus hostem semper sac! She that will not feel my
fulmoon let her peel to thee as the hoyden and the impudent! That
mon that hoth no moses in his sole nor is not awed by conquists


[2:9 304.51] (*L21*)Dionysius.
(*L23*)Moses. Job.
(*L25*)Cadmus. Ezekiel.

[3:13 457.30] too, from livicking on pidgins' ifs with puffins' ands, he's been
slanderising himself, but I pass no remark. Hope he hasn't the
cholera. Give him an eyot in the farout. Moseses and Noasies,
how are you? He'd be as snug as Columbsisle Jonas wrocked in
the belly of the whaves, as quotad before. Bravo, senior chief!

[3:14 534.19] your sleeping giant. Estoesto! Estote sunto! From the hold of
my capt in altitude till the mortification that's my fate. The end
of aldest mosest ist the beginning of
Randy Wilson's Homepage
The Ancestors of Randy Wilson - pafn06 48. Moses D. BECKWITH
Show up in New London in 1850 CT census with wife Lydia and children George W., Henry and another boy (too hard to read).
In 1829 Moses owned land partly in East Haddam & partly in Lyme which he sold to Selden Banning. Moses died in South Lyme now Old Lyme in 1854. Lydia died same place in 1873 & left a will. Moses still not identified.

He is in East Haddam in 1830, Morris in 1840, East Lyme in 1850. His wife/widow is living with her parents(?) in 1860 in Old Lyme. It would seem that Moses would be descended from an East Haddam BECKWITH. Unfortunately I fail to find one that might be Moses' family.

Moses D. Beckwith married Lydia Pilgrim in 1827 Haddam, CT.
Beckwith, Moses D.
Married: Unknown in: East Haddam, Middlesex, CT
Family history library microfilm roll info: microfilm reference number
Roll number: 1480163
Spouse name: Pilgrim, Lydia
----- Notes from Mahlon Erickson -------
Regarding Moses D. Beckwith of East Haddam and Lyme who married Lydia Pilgrim:
I have been going through a large stack of Beckwith letters and e-mails. Regarding Stephen of East Haddam, I show him born 1759, died 1828. Wife Elizabeth Drake of Long Island married 1779. I believe this information comes from Beckwith Notes by A.C. & E.S. Beckwith. His line is Stephen-6, Stephen-5, Jonathan-4-3, John-2, Matthew-1.
The Ancestors of Randy Wilson - pafg27 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File 3072. Matthew BECKWITH was born on 22 Sep 1610 in Pontefract, Yorkshire, England. He died on 21 Oct 1680 in New London, CT. He married Elizabeth (Mary) LYNDE in 1637 in Hartford, CT. [Parents]
3073. Elizabeth (Mary) LYNDE was born in 1625 in New London, CT. She died in 1682 in Lyme, CT.
Ashby de la Zouch Castle
The Ancestors of Randy Wilson - pafg98 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File John TIPTOFT was born about 1400 in England. He died on 27 Jan 1442/1443. He married Joyce DE CHERLETON after 28 Feb 1421/1422. [Parents]
435715. Joyce DE CHERLETON was born in 1403 in England. She died on 22 Sep 1446.

See: James Joyce; Finnegans Wake
The Ancestors of Randy Wilson - pafg02 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

2. Woodrow Samuel WILSON married
3. Roxane Marguerite BECKWITH
The Ancestors of Randy Wilson - pafg03 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File Clyde Grosvenor BECKWITH was born on 2 Sep 1898 in Guilford, CT. He died on 21 Jan 1979 in Vernon, CT.
Was in the Army in WWI in France (a bicycle messenger in the trenchs). Graduate of Yale University. Was accountant with Case Paper in Manchester, CT.
Was with Company D, 103rd machine gun battalion, YD, 26th division.
He married Evelyn Merwin DAVIS on 20 Jun 1923. [Parents]
7. Evelyn Merwin DAVIS was born on 6 Aug 1899. She died on 16 Sep 1934 in Guilford, CT.

The Ancestors of Randy Wilson - pafg131 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File 6971448. Robert DE HOLAND was born about 1285 in Upholand, England. He died on 7 Oct 1328 in Beheaded. He married Maud LA ZOUCHE about 1311/1314 in England. [Parents]
6971449. Maud LA ZOUCHE was born in 1290 in Ashby Magna, England. She died on 31 May 1349. [Parents]

See: Robert Holland. Also: La Zouche from Beckwith genealogy.
This person is in the Wake, Baldwin, Clare, de Briwere line...

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The Ancestors of Randy Wilson - pafg194 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File 446172864. Hugh WAKE was born about 1101 in Liddel, England. He died in 1175/1176 in England. He married Emma Fitzgilbert DE CLARE about 1144 in England.
446172865. Emma Fitzgilbert DE CLARE was born about 1114 in England. She died in 1156/1168.

The Ancestors of Randy Wilson - Name Index - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Including, Beckwith, Wath and Wake
Traveller's World - North Yorkshire - Towns and Villages
Map of Beckwithshaw
Note proximity to Harrogate, Knaresborough, and Bland Hill. Bland is kin...and tend to wind up near Beckwiths.
Map of Beckwith, Yorkshire
Note proximity to Chapel Hill (also near Wake County, NC).
Note also: Pannal Ash, Rossett (Rosehurst) Green, Beckwithshaw.
Map of Wath, Yorkshire
Note proximity to Dacre and Pateley Bridge...which is just a few miles from Beckwith and Beckwithshaw.

Was Joyce signalling through the flames?
Map of Briggswath
Note proximity to Ugglebarnby
Briggswath, Yorkshire
[1:6 134.29]
...herald hairyfair, alloaf the wheat; husband your aunt and endow your nepos; hearken but hush it, screen him and see; time is, an archbishopric, time was, a tradesmen's entrance; beckburn brooked with wath..."Finnegans Wake" - James Joyce

Wath Registers 1598-1779/Memoranda - Wath, Yorkshire


Memoranda and Miscellaneous Notes

Memorand that the 22th day of November 1607 John Bearde, George Hoyland [Holland?], John Addy with others put our hands to a certificate for Ann Addy, that she was free to be hired a maid servant where she best liked and had the consent of her father and mother to be hired with Thomas Adams by Pontefract.

Memorand that the 24th day of May 1604 William Hepworth of Wath upon Dearne within the county of York, yeoman had a stall place set forth in the Church of Wath the highest place and the south side of the Church nearest Thornell hall quire to continue to him and his heirs dwelling in the house wherein he now dwelleth in Skyterick.

Memorandum that Ann the daughter of John Wharom of West Melton was 15 years of age upon Saint Luke Day in Anno p'dict (1604)...

That upon the 10th of June 1615 I Thomas Benson Master of Arts and Vicar of Wath upon Dearne did give my free consent and assent somuch as in me did lay, that Henry Saville of the same parish, gentleman, should remove his stall or pew (for the more convenient hearing of divine service and sermons) from the Lady Quire unto the uppend of the right hand of the south part of the body of the same Church, next to .... his stall. In witness whereof I have set to my hand the day and year above written. By me Thomas Benson.

March 1615, Baptised Ellin the supposed daughter of Thomas Maykin begotten of the body of Anne Settle the same day which child, though she was born in Wath; yet was sent and was kept at Bolton; the sixth day after she was christened: by a warrant from Sir Thomas Wentworth and Master Rookebye; because the inhabitants of Wath did make it appear to them that the mother of the said child was borne at Bolton...

Memorand that Nicholas Sha of Hoober in the parish of Wath, yeoman, was admitted and licensed by us whose names are hereunder written to set a stall or seat made of this pp charges for himself and other his own family in the south side of the church of Wath adjoining uopn Sir Thomas Wentworth's stall or pew in the upper end of the South alley there seen in the year of our Lord God 1624 the 19th of November and there to continue without disturbance of any person in pain of Ecclesiastical Censure.
Henry Taylor, Clerk, John Baxter, Robert Hawslyn

A license under the hands of Master Doctor Benson was shown and allowed dated the 8th of December anno domini 1630. Whereby Peter Man of Wentworth and in the parish of Wath, gentleman is licensed to eat flesh meat of such kinds only as are admitted by his Ma(ties) laws upon Fridays Saturdays Wednesdays and all other fasting days during his time of Infirmity and present sickness.
Ralph Goodyear, Curate, + The mark of William Pearson, Churchwarden

Memorandum the 2nd of April, 1633: John Carr of Wath was licensed by us whose names are here under written to re-edify a stall in the north alley which he usually hath sitten and to continue there without molestation of any one in pain of ecclesiatical censure.
Radulphus Goodyear, minister, John Sisson, Jarvis Smith, Humphray Jackson....

Ringing of the bell at eight of the clock at night and six at morn was begun March the 25th in the beginning of the year 1646
Nicholas Hunt, Clerk...

Thursday the 27th of April 1648 Anthony Sawdrye parish clerk of Harwood deluded to William Coulbrand of Swinton, John Baldrick [see: Baldric, Balder]of Wath and to me Nich Hunt Thirty & Six pounds, £30 whereof were to be let at 16 pence per pound upon treble security to such inhabitants within the Town of Wath as should be of good report and had occasions to imploy the same. And the interest thereof was unto the Schoolmaster of Wath for the time being to be paid him at Christmas day for the teaching of four poor children of the Town of Wath and two of that part of Swinton which belongs wholey thereunto. The other £6 was for repair of West Melton Town Causeway: £2 for repair of part of Ardsley Lane, £2 to the poor of Brampton Bierley, £1 6s 8d to the poor of Wath, 10s to the poor of Swinton, 3s 4d which money and certain lands given by the said Anthony by his last will and also confirmed by deed unto the Inhabitants of Brampton Bierley for maintenance of six poor children at School with the yearly Rent thereof to be paid to the Schoolmaster as aforesaid if it were from time and at all times for ever imployed to the only use and to return unto the heirs of the said Anthony within one year and a day after the same was otherwise imployed.
Nich. Hunt, John Baldrick, William Coulbrand

Be it remembred that the tenth day of April 1656 Lawrence Wade of Wath in the West Riding of the County of Yorke was sworne Register for the said towne (beinge chosen to the said office by the consent of the inhabitants of the said towne) according to a late Act of parliament.
before me
William Beckwith
[1:3 64.31] Fammfamm! Fammfamm!
Come on, ordinary man with that large big nonobli head, and
that blanko berbecked fischial ekksprezzion Machinsky
Scapolopolos, Duzinascu or other. Your machelar's mutton leg's getting
musclebound from being too pulled. Noah Beery weighed stone

[1:4 76.26] in a fairly fishy kettlekerry, after the Fianna's foreman had taken
his handful, enriched with ancient woods and dear dutchy
deeplinns mid which were an old knoll and a troutbeck, vainyvain of
her osiery and a chatty sally with any Wilt or Walt who would
ongle her as Izaak did to the tickle of his rod and watch her

[1:4 77.30] But t'house and allaboardshoops ! Show coffins, winding sheets,
goodbuy bierchepes, cinerary urns, liealoud blasses, snuffchests,
poteentubbs, lacrimal vases, hoodendoses, reekwaterbeckers,
breakmiddles, zootzaks for eatlust, including upyourhealthing
rookworst and meathewersoftened forkenpootsies and for that

[1:4 90.7] changing the venders, from the king's head to the republican's
arms, as to the pugnaxities evinxed from flagfall to antepost
during the effrays round fatherthyme's beckside and the regents
in the plantsown raining, with the skiddystars and the
morkernwindup, how they appealed to him then? That it was wildfires

[1:6 134.29] herald hairyfair, alloaf the wheat; husband your aunt and endow
your nepos; hearken but hush it, screen him and see; time is,
an archbishopric, time was, a tradesmen's entrance; beckburn
brooked with wath, scale scarred by scow; his rainfall is a couple
of kneehighs while his meanst grass temperature marked three in

[1:6 193.30] are up, mesdames, while Parimiknie wears popular short legs,
and twelve hows to mix a tipsy wake, did ye hear, colt Cooney?
did ye ever, filly Fortescue? with a beck, with a spring, all her
rillringlets shaking, rocks drops in her tachie, tramtokens in
her hair, all waived to a point and then all inuendation, little

[2:8 220.32] matthued heaven. He soughed it from the luft but that bore ne
mark ne message. He luked upon the bloomingrund where ongly
his corns were growning. At last he listed back to beckline how
she pranked alone so johntily. The skand for schooling.
With nought a wired from the wordless either.

[2:8 229.16] And around its scorched cap she has twilled a twine of flame to
let the laitiest know she's marrid. And pim it goes backballed. Tot
burns it so leste. A claribel cumbeck to errind. Hers before his
even, posted ere penned. He's your change, thinkyou methim.
Go daft noon,madden, mind the step. Please stoop O to please.

[2:9 264.12] pursuant on briefest glimpse from gladrags, pretty
Proserpronette whose slit satchel spilleth peas.
Belisha beacon, beckon bright! Usherette,
unmesh us! That grene ray of earong it waves
us to yonder as the red, blue and yellow flogs

[2:10 369.15] Because they wonted to get out by the goatweigh afore the sheep
was looset for to wish the Wobbleton Whiteleg Welshers
kaillykailly kellykekkle and savebeck to Brownhazelwood from all the
dinnasdoolins on the labious banks of their swensewn
snewwesner, turned again weastinghome, by Danesbury Common, and

[3:12 409.10] whorl of the Boubou from Bourneum has thus come to taon!),
and with tambarins and cantoridettes soturning around his
eggshill rockcoach their dance McCaper in retrophoebia, beck from
bulk, like fantastic disossed and jenny aprils, to the ra, the ra, the
ra, the ra, langsome heels and langsome toesis, attended to by a

[3:14 537.11] feshest cheoilboys so that they are allcalling on me for the song
of a birtch: the more secretely bi built, the more openly
palastered. Attent! Couch hear! I have becket my vonderbilt hutch
in sunsmidnought and at morningrise was encampassed of
mushroofs. Rest and bethinkful, with licence, thanks. I

[3:14 572.21] old missness wipethemdry! Well, well, wellsowells!
Donauwatter! Ardechious me! With her halfbend as proud as a peahen,
allabalmy, and her troutbeck quiverlipe, ninyananya. And her
steptojazyma's culunder buzztle. Happy tea area, naughtygay
frew! Selling sunlit sopes to washtout winches and rhaincold

[4:15 600.21] cocklyhearted dreamerish for that magic moning with its ching
chang chap sugay kaow laow milkee muchee bringing
beckerbrose, the brew with the foochoor in it. Sawyest? Nodt? Nyets,
I dhink I sawn to remumb or sumbsuch. A kind of a thinglike
all traylogged then pubably it resymbles a pelvic or some kvind

[4:15 601.16] attraverse of its milletestudinous windows, ricocoursing
themselves, as staneglass on stonegloss, inplayn unglish Wynn's
Hotel. Brancherds at: Bullbeck, Oldboof, Sassondale, Jorsey
Uppygard, Mundelonde, Abbeytotte, Bracqueytuitte with
Hockeyvilla, Fockeyvilla, Hillewille and Wallhall. Hoojahoo
-an archbishopric, time was, a tradesmen's entrance; beckburn
-did ye ever, filly Fortescue? with a beck, with a spring, all her
-his corns were growning. At last he listed back to beckline how
-burns it so leste. A claribel cumbeck to errind. Hers before his
-Belisha beacon, beckon bright! Usherette,
-kailly kellykekkle and savebeck to Brownhazelwood from all the
-hill rockcoach their dance McCaper in retrophoebia, beck from
-tered. Attent! Couch hear! I have becket my vonderbilt hutch
-allabalmy, and her troutbeck quiverlipe, ninyananya. And her
-chang chap sugay kaow laow milkee muchee bringing becker
-Hotel. Brancherds at: Bullbeck, Oldboof, Sassondale, Jorsey
-that blanko berbecked fischial ekksprezzion Machinsky Scapolo
-linns mid which were an old knoll and a troutbeck, vainyvain of
-poteentubbs, lacrimal vases, hoodendoses, reekwaterbeckers,
-during the effrays round fatherthyme's beckside and the regents
The Lincoln Family
WEEKEND EXCURSION; Among Memories of Old Glory - Hildene, Beckwith and Lincoln