Friday, October 17, 2003

Bend it like Beckwith

Bend it like Beckwith

Move over, David Beckham! You've got some competition, but I tend to think cooperation would be a better ticket. Maybe you and Jennifer Beckwith can go on tour. You've still got time to realize that it's called "soccer", not "football". Football is a rather clumsy sport. At least around here...

Anyway, here is what is being said about Jennifer Beckwith:

Beckwith is famous for her ability to "flip throw" the ball back in bounds. With her amazing flexibility and experience with gymnastics, she pushes her body forward and does a handstand on the ball, then flips over and launches the soccer ball into play.

Can you do that? Case closed.

Here are some other quotes:

Stormy weather was expected Friday, Sept. 26, but the only thing "raining" down at The Cage was the field crossing throw-ins from freshman forward, Jennifer Beckwith.
Beckwith's throw-ins must be seen to be believed. As she runs up the line, she performs a front flip. Just as she comes to her feet, she launches the ball over 40 yards.
Beckwith provided three scoring chances in the first half using her flipping throw-ins, or, as she calls them "flip throws."

Kudos to you both! Do, and be, your best...

Monday, October 06, 2003

Genealogical Googlism


Fun with Goolism...

What is it?
From the website:

Who You should try searching for your name, friends names or celebrities.
Joe, Martin, Bill Gates, Brooke Burke, Who Googlisms
What Select "What" and then search for products, brands, objects or verbs.
Kazaa, Coke, Sony, Poker, What Googlisms
When In this section you can search dates, days or events.
Tuesday, September 11, Christmas, February 14, When Googlisms
Where The where section is for locations or places.
Las Vegas, Australia, Bedroom, Kitchen, Where Googlisms
Cool Other really cool sites on the web.
Nahh Directory, Google Search

Googlism for: mr. beckwith

mr. beckwith is a member of the investment strategy and strategic planning committees
mr. beckwith is very active in civic affairs and serves on many of this community's boards including those of chatham college
mr. beckwith is a graduate of hotchkiss school and brown university
mr. beckwith is also an active participant in various international trade and nongovernmental associations dealing with eastern europe and central asia
mr. beckwith is a seasoned trial lawyer with extensive federal and state court experience
mr. beckwith is another "prominent" philosopher and instead to use the scriptures to make his points use his
mr. beckwith is a political consultant in washington dc mr
mr. beckwith is a certified specialist in california workers' compensation becoming certified on april 12
mr. beckwith is active in the american and the district of columbia bar associations
mr. beckwith is a member of the massachusetts bar association and the american bar association
mr. beckwith is a republican
mr. beckwith is a democrat in politics
mr. beckwith is survived by his widow
mr. beckwith is president and treasurer of the plant
mr. beckwith is a former member of the american institute of electrical engineers
mr. beckwith is a consistent member of the baptist church
mr. beckwith is president of edgewood film studios and has been guiding president of tritan
mr. beckwith is a world renowned marketer with over 25 years of experience in service marketing
mr. beckwith is superlative
mr. beckwith is an independent machinery and equipment appraiser
mr. beckwith is experienced in the fields of commercial real estate
mr. beckwith is honored in religious
mr. beckwith is not an option for this school's football program
mr. beckwith is also a licensed private investigator
mr. beckwith is the secretary of the north american brewers association
mr. beckwith is the editor of hymn tunes and oratorio and cantata excerpts of the cmh series
mr. beckwith is trying to do is pretty distasteful
mr. beckwith is a partner in the law firm of baker & hostetler
mr. beckwith is also chairman of the premier club
mr. beckwith is buried in hartford in cedar hill cemetery on fairfield avenue
mr. beckwith is very good
mr. beckwith is a private matter and that the city does not enforce
mr. beckwith is probably the most famous defendant to fall victim to a calculated prosecution delay in regards to an antiquated so
mr. beckwith is opposed to the application because of the surrounding residential area
mr. beckwith is a private matter and that the city does not enforce deed restrictions or
mr. beckwith is a justice of the peace
mr. beckwith is a phi beta kappa graduate of stanford university
mr. beckwith is a member of the sk degree
mr. beckwith is survived by his wife
mr. beckwith is chief of the office of light rail for the wisconsin department of transportation and project manager of the light rail study in milwaukee
mr. beckwith is a graduate of the dental department of the university of michigan
mr. beckwith is hereby directed to make arrangements as are necessary to have the barn enclosed and floored immediately
mr. beckwith is the tinis manager and should be able to answer most questions concerning
mr. beckwith is a chartered accountant with many years of experience as a partner of international firms in australia
mr. beckwith is now

Googlism for: dr. beckwith

dr. beckwith is encouraging and assisting faculty members to apply for research funding from the three canadian granting councils
dr. beckwith is married
dr. beckwith is the author of forty day mind fast
dr. beckwith is especially pleased that peter
dr. beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of agape
dr. beckwith is the author of over 230 scientific publications and over 70 publications on science and social
dr. beckwith is speaking
dr. beckwith is currently the managing director of the max
dr. beckwith is a distinguished scholar in applied ethics
dr. beckwith is a prolific author on a variety of ethical and philosophical issues
dr. beckwith is currently a research fellow in constitutional studies & political thought in the james madison program in american
dr. beckwith is professor of philosophy
dr. beckwith is associate professor of philosophy
dr. beckwith is a pediatric pathologist and was a principal member of the sids research team at children's hospital and the university of washington
dr. beckwith is responsible for the original clinical description of beckwith
dr. beckwith is an accomplished scholar at princeton university
dr. beckwith is a visiting lecturer for ses and associate professor of church
dr. beckwith is one of the metaphysical movement’s most influential visionaries
dr. beckwith is the president of btg composites as well as the international technical director of sampe
dr. beckwith is the author of what i consider to be one of the best christian resources responding to the pro
dr. beckwith is a member of the civil rights practice group
dr. beckwith is assistant professor of
dr. beckwith is assistant professor of philosophy at whittier college and a nevada policy research institute senior research fellow
dr. beckwith is a fellow of the discovery institute
dr. beckwith is a good surgeon it seems like
dr. beckwith is a linguist who works primarily on ancient indo
dr. beckwith is known as an extraordinary teacher and educational leader
dr. beckwith is an engaging
dr. beckwith is well known as one of canada’s most distinguished composers and leading music educators
dr. beckwith is a native of louisiana and holds an undergraduate degree in music
dr. beckwith is a member of the national academy of sciences and has received several awards including the 1993 genetics society of america medal for his
dr. beckwith is not a creationism advocate at all
dr. beckwith is the author of politically correct death ac
dr. beckwith is the executive director of the tennessee micro
dr. beckwith is an elder and director of adult education in an independent evangelical church
dr. beckwith is the senior research policy analyst with tra and has a long
dr. beckwith is referring not
dr. beckwith is an assistant professor in the department of
dr. beckwith is a scholar in residence at princeton university

John Lennon's classic Working Class Hero sung by Silas Beckwith

One of my favorites of John. I could not resist linking this...

John Lennon's classic Working Class Hero sung by Silas Beckwith

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Peyton Randolph family (including Jennings)

Peyton Randolph family (including Jennings)

Descendants of JOHN JENNINGS

Including etymology of the name, Jennings.


John, meaning the "Lord's grace," is the source of many patronymics-Jennings among them. The evolution is something like this: John, Jons, Johnson, Janson, Jennings. Other variations of the name are Jinnins, Jennins, Jenyns, Jenynges, Jannings, and Jenning, with Jennins, and Jennyns being found in the colonial records Gennequin is the French form and Gening is old German of the eighth century. In this connection it is interesting to note that Hanson and Hancock are from Hans, the Flemish nickname of John or Johannes.

The family of Jennings is of very ancient origin and its history of interest to the families of that name in the United States. They seem to have settled in England before the Norman Conquest, being of Danish extraction, altho some say that the family originated in Carnarvonshire, Wales, from whence it spread over England following the eleventh century, and later into Ireland, France and Germany.

The first member who settled in the Kingdom of Great Britain appears to have been a Danish captain, brought into England between 1017 and 1025 by Canute. King of Denmark. Here Captain Jennings was baptised into the Christian faith, and was given certain manors lying upon the seacoast near Harwich by Canute as a reward for his former services for his father, Sweyne, King of Denmark.

Another interesting member of the family seems to have been another Captain Jennens, who, we are told, had the honor of bringing the body of Richard Coeur de Lion back to England.