Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sculpture of Jim Beckwourth by Andy Axtell

"Jim Beckwourth" by Andy Axtell
Bronze Medal Winner

Jim Beckwourth, a son of Sir Jennings Beckwith and Catherine Miskell of Virginia, roamed the US in the early 1800s, and contributed greatly to our knowledge and understanding or the geography of the land, the culture of Native-Americans, African-Americans, and others...and was a master of languages and the fine art of spinning a tale. And although many have tried to sully his life's accomplishments and innate abilities, time, and scholarship, is showing that many detracted from him out of racism, jealousy, and political and commercial reasons. Much like they do to this day.

Anyway, this is a wonderful depiction of the great man. I hope you enjoy it. And also wish I had done it! :)

A Miracle is Needed to Keep Hubble Scouting the Universe

A Miracle is Needed to Keep Hubble Scouting the Universe
...but help may be on the way!

Recent articles on the Hubble, and the good people who are helping Dr. Steven Beckwith and his team to keep the world's chief scout and eyeball...watching, discovering, and bewildering:

Hubble's End Not Quite Foregone

NASA's O'Keefe Stands Firm on Hubble Decision, But Agrees to New Study

Hubble Finds Farthest Galaxies Strangest Yet


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Dallas Morning News (subscription), TX - Mar 14, 2004

Hubble images show deepest view of the universe
Dallas Morning News (subscription), TX - Mar 9, 2004

Hubble shows ultra-deep vision of cosmic infancy
Reuters, India - Mar 9, 2004

Hubble has looked deep into the cosmos
Nzoom.com, New Zealand - Mar 9, 2004

Hubble shows ultra-deep vision of cosmic infancy
ABC Online, Australia - Mar 9, 2004

New Hubble Images Show Deepest View of Universe, Scientists Say
New York Times - Mar 9, 2004

Hubble shows deepest view of cosmos
CBC News, Canada - Mar 9, 2004

The Mirror, UK - Mar 10, 2004

Closing in on the Big Bang
Taipei Times, Taiwan - Mar 10, 2004

Hubble's deep view of the cosmos
BBC News, UK - Mar 9, 2004

Hubble takes a deep view of the cosmos
Al-Jazeera, Qatar - Mar 9, 2004

Ultra deep space
Straits Times, Singapore - Mar 10, 2004

Hubble gives clear 'view of universe'
Gulf Daily News, Bahrain - Mar 9, 2004

Hubble Images Show Deepest Universe View
Diario Digital Juárez, Mexico - Mar 10, 2004

This is obviously a story, and a project, that interests the whole world...

Saturday, March 13, 2004

A Brief History of Bramhope

A Brief History of Bramhope
Bramhope is mentioned in the Domesday Book when the Saxon thane Uchill had a great manor here. In 1095 this passed into the hands of the famous Percy family, and in 1165 was sold to Ralph de Bramhope. In the 13th century the monasteries owned much of the land and had granges where sheep were grazed. The monks used tracks, such as Scotland Lane and Staircase Lane, as they travelled from their outlying granges to Kirkstall Abbey. At the dissolution of the monasteries Henry VIII gave the land to the Earl of Cumberland. In the 16th century the Dyneley family moved into the area and acquired Bramhope Hall. In 1649 they built the Puritan Chapel, which was taken over by the Church of England after the Restoration.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Community activist, Bobbie Beckwith, dies in house fire

Fire kills friend to many

Beckwith's future husband, Frank -- a janitor who had become a lawyer and judge -- ran in Indiana's Republican presidential primary. Facing Vice President Richard Nixon, Frank Beckwith got about 20,000 votes.

At the time, he was believed to be the first black person to run in a presidential primary.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Physics Today March 2004- Hubble Sacrificed in Wake of President Bush's New Space Vision

Physics Today March 2004- Hubble Sacrificed in Wake of President Bush's New Space Vision

"The Eye of God" photographed by the Hubble

"The announcement that the HST only has three or four more years of life has upset people both inside and outside the science community. Beckwith says he has received more than a thousand e-mails from people decrying the decision and even offering money. 'The outpouring of support has been phenomenal,' he says, 'and really very touching for all of us in the [HST] project. I think it's rare that a science facility has generated so much public good will outside of its own user base.' "

Help Steve keep Hubble alive with your emails and donations! His, and their, work is too important, and frankly beautiful, to allow it to die on the vine.