Monday, May 30, 2005

New York Times - TITANIC SURVIVORS MARRY - 2 March 1913

God is in the details.

The bride, who walked up the nave with her stepfather, Mr. Beckwith, who gave her in marriage, wore a gown of white satin charmeuse with a long veil of duches point that was draped in with the gown in pannier effect, the lace being carried down into a train. The gown was also trimmed with duchess lace. She carried lilies of the valley and white orchids.

The bridesmaids were Miss Gertrude Behr, a sister of the bridegroom, and Miss Beatrice Cook. They wore frocks of palest eau de nil chiffon over very pale pink and hats of white lace, having pink bows and all sorts of odd little Spring flowers caught in bunches here and there. They carried large bouquets of Spring flowers.

Yoshiyama Awards : 2004 Recipients : Nadiya Beckwith-Stanley

The Hitachi Foundation
"Nadiya's perspective as a multi-racial person has helped her to grasp the complexities of racism in the United States and helped her to see both sides of the issue. Because of this she has become a powerful and effective peer educator and organizer to bring diverse groups together to work to dismantle systemic racism at her school and throughout the Seattle School District."

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Beckwith Cemetery, Nilesville, IA

Some names...
James, Joseph, Christopher, Magdalene, Jesse, Mary, Abraham, Moses, Godfrey
and surnames like Church, Cross, Gaylord, Rivers, Rowe, Waters...

Sounds almost biblical!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Captain Upchurch's District

New Hope, etc.

1860 Census, Chatham County

Needham Beckwith41M-Farmer7000-10000-----
--Ann '36F-Dom.-------
--Wm. '12M---------
--Josire '9M---------
--Jas. '8M---------
--Ugenia '5F---------
--Lucinda '3F---------
--Wesley '8/12M---------

Ebenezer Methodist Church graveyard names

Chatham County, NC
Included are:

Beckwith, Lee, Farrar, Goodwin, Truelove, Lee, Sauls, Holt and others, including:

(Some of the dates may be reversed due to odd formatting.)

-Daniel G. Beckwith, M.D.
Born Feb. 7, 1863
Died Jan. 15, 1898

-Needham Beckwith
son of Isaac and half-brother of Silas, Green and Sion
Born Oct. 15, 1818
Died Jan. 5, 1885

-Ann Elizabeth Beckwith
Wife of Needham Beckwith
Born Feb. 23, 1822
Died Jan. 1, 1900

-Pattie Council, wife of W. H. Beckwith
July 26, 1848
Mar. 17, 1916
Tho’ lost to sight, to memory dear

-W. H. Beckwith
(William Henderson Beckwith, I think)
June 10, 1851
June 30, 1934
Tho’ lost to sight,
to memory dear

-Sallie F. wife of J. S. Beckwith
Sept. 14, 1851
June 26, 1921
Gone but not forgotten

-J. S. Beckwith
Probably Josiah, son of Needham
Born Feb. 20, 1851
Died Nov. 14, 1908

-W. S. Beckwith
Maybe Wesley, brother of Josiah, J. Fabius (M.D) and son of Needham, although he would have been born 20 years later. Also maybe a son of Josiah or sibling.
Dec. 16, 1872
Aug. 15, 1942

-Narcissio M. Beckwith
Feb. 12, 1884
Jan. 1, 1958
His memory is blessed Her memory is everlasting

-R. G. Beckwith
July 14, 1892
Jan. 8, 1975

-Laura Upchurch
Wife of R. G. Beckwith
Dec. 27, 1895
May 5, 1970