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Erispoe Frodaldus Desposyni I King of Brittany

Erispoe Frodaldus Desposyni I King of Brittany
Father of Nominoe, King of Brittany (not Spears)
[See Northern Neck, Virginia & the Nominoes.

Kings and dukes of Brittany family tree

House of Wessex family tree

West Riding of Yorkshire

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- Pedigree

- Pedigree
Heremon Eremon mac Miled KING of IRELAND
Tea Tephi Daughter of King Zedekiah

- Pedigree

- Pedigree
Eochaidh Buaigllcrg
Tamar Tephi

Anleta "Thora Donada" MACKENNETH

Anleta "Thora Donada MACKENNETH

Anleta "Thora Donada" MACKENNETH 1
Birth: About 968 in Of, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
Sex: F
Father: Malcolm II MACKENNETH KING OF SCOTLAND b. About 970 in Scotland
Mother: Irish Woman of Ossary Siguadsdatter Aefgifu b. About 962 in Scotland

Grelod (Gerlaf) (Grelauga) DUNCANSDATTER

Grelod (Gerlaf) (Grelauga) DUNCANSDATTER
Duncan and Scotland...

Oppland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oppland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
a county in Norway, bordering Sør-Trøndelag, Møre og Romsdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Buskerud, Akershus, Oslo and Hedmark. The county administration is in Lillehammer.

Oppland extends from the lakes Mjøsa and Randsfjorden to the mountains Dovrefjell, Jotunheimen and Rondane. The county is conventionally divided into traditional districts. These are Gudbrandsdalen, Valdres, Toten, Hadeland and Land.

Oppland includes the towns Lillehammer, Gjøvik Otta and Fagernes, and Norway's two highest mountains, Glittertind and Galdhøpiggen.

Home of Halfdan, Jokull, Fornjotur, Frosti, Snaer, Kari, Thorri, Ivar, Rognvald

kvenland (Finland) Home of Halfdan, Jokull, Fornjotur, Frosti, Snaer, Kari, Thorri, Ivar, Rognvald

Fornjotur King In KVENLAND

Fornjotur King In KVENLAND
Beckwith through Bruce.

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Stillingfleet | British History Online

Stillingfleet | British History Online:

Brigantes Nation Brigantia AD69

Brigantes Nation Brigantia AD69: "The 'Sacred' Vale of Mowbray - Brigantia's Neolithic Capital?"

Other Sites to see

Other Sites related to North Yorkshire history

Coel Hen and Elmet

Elmet Heritage Site

See the map. Coel Hen may be an ancestor. Elmet is the old tromping ground.

Maps of Elmet

Maps of Elmet
To the immediate East of Leeds is the area that is still today called Elmet. It still has a Member of Parliament. Once it was somewhat larger than today's Parliamentary area; it was also an independent Celtic Kingdom.

This web of pages attempts to cover some of the last 2000 years of it's history.

"A Thousand Miles In Wharfedale" by Edmund Bogg 1892

Elmet Tour II: "'A Thousand Miles In Wharfedale' by Edmund Bogg 1892"

Lost Heritage | complete list of demolished country houses in England

Lost Heritage | complete list of demolished country houses in England

Crimple Head House, Beckwithshaw

Places to stay...

In and around Beckwithshaw

Bike rides, etc.

Beckwithshaw Parish

Haverah Park with Beckwithshaw Parish Council

"Beckwithshaw is the main village and includes the ancient settlement of Beckwith (Becvi) and Lund House Green, famous locally for its celebrated Squinting Cat pub.
Beckwithshaw village consists entirely of detached farms with a small cluster of houses at the Beckwithshaw toll-bar, at the junction of the Harrogate to Otley road and the Killinghall to North Rigton road.
Nearby John O’Gaunt’s castle is an ancient tower, probably built in the reign of Edward I. It was owned by Edmund de Thedmersh until 1349, but was nothing more than a forest lodge and a defence against freebooters or outlaws. The popular story is that Cromwell’s cannon battered it down.

Haverah Park and Moor Park Estate

Formally one of the Royal parks of the Forest of Knaresborough, this area was first mentioned in the Doomsday Survey of 1086. At that time it was owned by Gamelbar de Spofford, along with the Manor of Beckwith-with-Rossett. In true feudal style Gamelbar used the lands for breeding and grazing horses and cattle, and hunting, rather than developing it as arable. This agricultural trait has survived to the present day."